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A revolution of coming back home to your body & your true nature ..

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Hi! I am glad that you are here!

My name is Aneta Bednarczyk and I'm a certified trauma-trained Somatic Empowerment Coach & Embodiment Facilitator since 2020.

My mission is to guide men & women through a process of connecting to their bodies consciously to access the depths of their wisdom, bliss, self-worth & self-love so they can become empowered leaders in their lives.


I specialize in helping people identify  & overcome unconscious sabotaging patterns that are blocking them from showing up powerfully in their relationships & personal lives. As a result, my clients often feel more empowered to create lives on their own terms, one that feels deeply authentic to their needs, desires & personal values. 

I also teach trauma-informed easy to incorporate day-to-day life techniques for nervous system regulations that you can use in the middle of a stressful conversation, as well as more complex practices to master in your free time. 

 I take great pride in the mind-blowing results and success of my clients and look forward to helping you.


Get in touch to learn more.

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Coaching for Men

get out of your mind & get into the heart

This personalized 1:1 coaching container is for you if you want to work on your self-worth and start leading your life with purpose & open heart while being strongly anchored in your masculine.

Life without anxiety, anyone?

The Dark Journey

release emotions & plant new seeds for the future

This journey is for you, if:

(men, women & all genders are welcome here)

You are often easily triggered by your partner & which makes you either withdraw from intimacy or anxious and insecure

You struggle with handling difficult emotions like anger, sadness, or shame

You want to fall in love with yourself & your body 

Why The Dark Journey?

Dark doesn't mean anything negative.

It also doesn't mean shadow.

It is in the dark, moist soil where seeds are being planted. 

In the darkness, women grow miracles inside their bodies.

In the darkness, we GROW.

In this session, you will get to work with your shadows - unconscious behaviours, beliefs about yourself, and self-sabotaging patterns that you are not aware of to prepare your emotional landscape to plant new seeds for your authentic desires

Sensual Rebirth

self-paced program

let go of shame in your body & reclaim your feminine erotic power

This self-paced program is for you if you are ready to reclaim your worth, your deepest desires, and your pure feminine sensuality.

PS... your intimate relationships may blossom as a by-product of this program

Drippin Devotion

from burnout to bliss

1:1 somatic coching program  for nice women who abandon themselves in relationships, and who want to step into feminine self-leadership & reclaim their sensuality & create a life filled with love, pleasure, and success.

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EMBODIMENT is a way of BEING in the world

It is a lifestyle devoted to coming back home to safety, presence, pleasure and wholeness.


My method & essence of the somatic approach to coaching & facilitation.

SOMA means body and somatics refer to the inner dialogue with the intelligence of the body and its cellular memory. 

As children, we learn how to experience the world through all of the senses in our bodies.

As adults, we still use our sensory systems mainly to orient to pleasure or escape danger. 

Experiencing the world through our bodies is a primal way of being in the world. It determines our thoughts, emotional states and actions. 

Every day 80 % of information that travels to our brain is sourced from the body, and 20 % is carried from the brain to the body. 

When we are disconnected from the body, we are disconnected from the ability to receive important information that is being sent from the body to our conscious awareness.

Because most of the conceptual approaches to coaching are only focused on the mind, results are short-lived and more difficult to achieve.

The somatic approach acknowledges the connection between the psyche & our biology bringing more wholeness, a felt sense of safety and a connection to your true authentic essence.

Through somatic coaching, we are able to bring to awareness many self-sabotaging patterns and break them once & for all.

Once we have made the unconscious conscious, we can start the process of embodying our desires..

Embodiment is a process of integrating parts of ourselves, feeling, sensing and realising their connection to the whole.

To embody means to manifest. To make changes and new ways of being in the world tangible, visible and real.

Are you ready to tap into the wisdom of your body, actualise your full potential and manifest your heart desires through somatics and potent embodiment tools?

Inspirational quote Instagram post with natural vibe picture (Plakat (orientacja pionowa))
Inspirational quote Instagram post with natural vibe picture (Plakat (orientacja pionowa))
Inspirational quote Instagram post with natural vibe picture (Plakat (orientacja pionowa))
Inspirational quote Instagram post with natural vibe picture (Plakat (orientacja pionowa))
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When we are disconnected from our bodies, how much can we care for ourselves, others and the planet?


Body-oriented coaching training with The Somatic School in London

Coaching and Mentoring with Preston Smiles & Zion Kim

Embodied Shadow Work & Sacred Sexuality Training

Organic Intelligence® Trauma Training for Coaches

Embodied Dance Facilitator with Liberation Through Movement

Empowered Relationships for Coaches&Facilitators with Embodiment Unlimited

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" "I," you say, and you are proud of that word.  But the greater thing— in which you are unwilling to believe— is your body with its great intelligence; it does not say “I”, but performs it."

Friedrich Nietzsche

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