When we are disconnected from our bodies, how much can we care for ourselves, others and the planet?



Embodied r-evolution is a trauma-informed home for every.body where you can safely soften while unleashing your authentic self...

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The essence of body-oriented approach to coaching & facilitation.


Embodiment is simply a way of being in the world. 

It is a lifestyle devoted to coming back home to safety, presence, pleasure and wholeness.

Every day 80 % of information that travels to our brain is sourced from the autonomic nervous system, and 20 % is carried from the body to the brain. Because most of the conceptual approaches to coaching are only focused on the mind, results are short-lived and more difficult to achieve. The way I work with clients acknowledges the connection between the psyche & our biology bringing more wholeness, a felt sense of safety and freedom of choice.

The inquiry of somatic coaching reveals who we are at the core of our being, and what our authentic gifts & desires are.

It teaches us how we can tap into the wisdom of our bodies, fulfil our needs in the present moment, silence the chatter of the mind and experience life with all our senses.

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Hey! I am so glad you are here!

My name is Aneta Bednarczyk a Somatic Coach & Embodied Dance Facilitator.

My mission is to guide women through a process of reclaiming their self-worth, wild sensuality, and inner wisdom of the body through somatic coaching and embodied dance.

And because I am fully devoted to the feminine in the world, I also work with men.

The trauma-informed somatic approach acknowledges the connection between the psyche & our biology bringing more wholeness, a felt sense of safety and connection to your true authentic essence. I am also passionate about integrating the ashamed & denied part of ourselves through (shadows) the nervous system and everything related to the eros of life.


Coaching for Men

Men, the world needs you to awaken the warrior within through deep, personal work. 
This personalised 1:1 coaching container is for you if you would like to work on your self-worth, suppressed emotions especially suppressed anger and learn the art of loving the feminine.

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1:1 Somatic Shadow Work Session

Are you easily triggered?

Do you repeat the same patterns of behaviours in relationships over and over again?

Is it hard for you to slow down, relax and take pleasure in your body?

According to Carl Jung's teachings, the shadow is everything we deny about ourselves & push to the subconscious mind.

In this session, we will discover why you feel burned out in your career & relationships.

You will walk away from the session with released emotional baggage from your soma & practical action plan for the future. 




This program is for you if you are ready to let go of the life of unfulfilled and burnt out woman..
& you are ready to reclaim your worth, your desires, and your feminine sensuality.


What Clients Have Experienced?

"I had the pleasure to work with Aneta. I do not know where to start to describe how thankful I am. I didn’t have the best childhood and there are some wounds that I wanted to heal. I hadn’t tried somatic coaching before so it was a new ground for me. Aneta is a very loving, caring and grounded person. During the sessions, I felt safe and that I could really open up completely. As I discover the emotions that bubbled up, I felt safe to let it out and felt guided during the time. Afterwards, it never made me feel down as normal therapy session would make me but the opposite, like something, really had released inside of me. I feel freer and that more self-love was growing inside of me. During my weeks, I have made progress and taken actions for myself, like I never had before. It just comes naturally. It’s magic! Aneta is very spot on and gave me advice, that I took to my heart for my personal growth. I’m forever grateful. She is a born healer and has so many gifts that she shares beautifully with the world. I can not recommend Aneta enough!! I really can’t!! Everyone who has the opportunity to work with her will feel blessed. Thank you for your love, guidance and skills. You’re amazing!!"

Sussie Mellstedt, Photographer

"Working with Anetka to reach parts of me that are waiting to be seen and felt has been just magical. Her calm and nurturing presence along with her conscious attitude to hold space has enabled me to deep-dive into my body and communicate with it on a level I haven’t experienced before. I feel safe and secure with her, as she gently guides me along my internal journey to depths that I’ve only experienced through body-oriented coaching. By the end of the session with her, I feel wow-ed by my internal discovery and more and more thankful towards my body and its teachings. Thank you, Anetka, for helping me to see and feel these otherwise forgotten parts of me."

Jaspreet Garg, Body-oriented Coach

I had an abortion 11 years ago, and since that time I had fear of pregnancy & therefore trust issues towards men + I felt some heaviness& blocked energy from my ex-partners, heaviness and blockage in my womb, and my yoni. This heavy dense energy & the fear of becoming pregnant again had almost stopped me from enjoying my se.x.ual intimacy to the highest potential & I never felt comfortable enough to share my story with my partners so I ended up withdrawing and it slowly created a sense of being a cold woman also in the heads of my partners as well for the last 10 years. In my first session with aneta as I felt so comfortable with the safe space she was providing we dived into that secret. It was so painful that I couldn't carry it anymore. I screamed a lot and cried a lot. I felt the fire in my womb. But it felt so good like I set this secret free like I'm setting an old bird free out of the cage. I was able to see this fear of mine but this time more like a limiting belief of mine that was stopping me from enjoying my s3xual power to the fullest and finally I was able to release it with aneta's guidance. I felt much lighter in the weeks after. I felt the healing was taking place slowly but it was too subtle to notice at first. After 2 months from the first session with aneta I started a new relationship with an amazing man but this time I felt so much more comfortable talking with my man about abortion that I had & I was wondering myself how easily I talked about it. It felt easier after I gave a voice to this secret trauma of mine. So after a month with this magical partner of mine, I was able at age of 30 to experience for the first time full body orga$m which was remarkable & when I said thanks to my partner for giving me this level of pleasure, he said: it has so much more to do with me & how much I allowed myself to go there & receive Then I realized how come I've made so much progress? And I see how potent one session can be I recommend 1000% to work with aneta & dive deep.

Anna Hita, Embodiment Facilitator



Body-oriented coaching training with The Somatic School in London

Coaching and Mentoring with Preston Smiles & Zion Kim

Embodied Shadow Work & Sacred Sexuality Training

Organic Intelligence® Trauma Training for Coaches

Embodied Dance Facilitator with Liberation Through Movement

Empowered Relationships for Coaches&Facilitators with Embodiment Unlimited

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" "I," you say, and you are proud of that word.  But the greater thing— in which you are unwilling to believe— is your body with its great intelligence; it does not say “I”, but performs it."

Friedrich Nietzsche

Misty Forest

Dear one,

you came here because...

you know that you are worthy and ready to step into radical self-acceptance

and reclaim forgotten or buried parts of yourself

you are worthy and ready to loooove the most shame-filled aspects of you

because you are a beautiful, whole and complete masterpiece, just never finished..

you are worthy and ready to reclaim your pure sensuality

&create a life that feels exciting, pleasurable and authentic.

The one you've always longed for..

Are you brave enough to say yes to yourself?


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