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Aneta Bednarczyk

Hi! I am glad
that you are here!

My name is Aneta Bednarczyk and I'm a trauma-trained Somatic Empowerment Coach & Embodiment Facilitator since 2020.

My mission is to guide men & women through a process of connecting to their bodies consciously to access the depths of their wisdom, bliss, self-worth & self-love so they can become empowered leaders in their lives.

I specialize in helping people identify  & overcome unconscious sabotaging patterns that are blocking them from showing up powerfully in their relationships & personal lives. As a result, my clients often feel more empowered to create lives on their own terms, one that feels deeply authentic to their needs, desires & personal values. 

I also teach trauma-informed easy to incorporate day-to-day life techniques for nervous system regulations that you can use in the middle of a stressful conversation, as well as more complex practices to master in your free time. 

 I take great pride in the mind-blowing results and success of my clients and look forward to helping you.


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Certificates & Training

Trauma-informed Somatic Coaching training

Embodied Shadow Work & Sacred Sexuality Training

Organic Intelligence® Trauma Training for Coaches

Embodied Dance Facilitator with Liberation Through Movement

Empowered Relationships for Coaches&Facilitators with Embodiment Unlimited





1:1 trauma-informed Somatic Coaching programs for men & women


Trauma-informed self-paced courses


Embodied Dance Workshops


Sensual Embodiment practices & workshops


The Dark Journey - 1:1 Session for Embodied Emotional Liberation

release emotions & plant new seeds for the future

This journey is for you, if:

(men, women & all genders are welcome here)

You are often easily triggered by your partner & which makes you either withdraw from intimacy or anxious and insecure

You struggle with handling difficult emotions like anger, sadness, or shame

You want to fall in love with yourself & your body 

Coaching for Men 

get out of your mind & get into the heart

This personalized 1:1 coaching container is for you if you want to work on your self-worth and start leading your life with purpose & open heart while being strongly anchored in your masculine.

Sensual Rebirth
self-paced program

let go of shame in your body & reclaim your feminine erotic power

This self-paced program is for you if you are ready to reclaim your worth, your deepest desires, and your pure feminine sensuality.

PS... your intimate relationships may blossom as a by-product of this program

Drippin Devotion

from burnout to bliss

1:1 somatic coching program  for nice women who abandon themselves in relationships, and who want to step into feminine self-leadership & reclaim their sensuality & create a life filled with love, pleasure, and success.

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When we are disconnected from our bodies, how much can we care for ourselves, others and the planet?


"I had an abortion 11 years ago, and since that time I had fear of pregnancy & therefore trust issues towards men. The fear of becoming pregnant again almost stopped me from enjoying intimacy to the highest potential & I never felt comfortable enough to share my story with my partners so I ended up withdrawing and giving the impression of being a "cold woman".


In my first session with Aneta, as I felt so comfortable with the safe space she was providing, we dived into that secret straight away. It was so painful that I couldn't carry it anymore. I screamed a lot and cried a lot. I felt the fire in my womb. But it felt so good that I set this secret free as if I let an old bird out of the cage.


I was able to see this fear of mine but this time more like a limiting belief that was stopping me from enjoying my feminine power to the fullest and finally I was able to release it with Aneta's guidance. I felt much lighter in the weeks after our session.


(...) So after a month at the age of 30, I was able to experience full-body pleasure & deep intimate connection for the first time in my life! 

 I recommend 1000% to work with aneta & dive deep."

Ana Hita

"I realised where my need for controlling came from. I’m working on my relationship with my mother and my inner child.

I’m a better mother to my children. I let go of feeling like I have to constantly ‘give’. I learned how to receive too.

I let go of the shame of being a woman on so many levels, such as bleeding or receiving pleasure (..).

I understood that being uncomfortable is not a bad thing as this is a part of working with your shadows. I allow myself to feel uncomfortable because I know deep down that I’m safe.


My favourite practice was the wild woman archetype as it allowed me to surrender, express myself without guilt and even being sensual during the birth of my daughter."

Laura Waszkiewicz