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Dear one,

you are here because...

you know that you are worthy and ready to step into radical self-acceptance

and reclaim forgotten or buried parts of yourself

you are worthy and ready to loooove the most shame-filled aspects of you

because you are a beautiful, whole and complete masterpiece, just never finished..

you are worthy and ready to reclaim your pure sensuality

and you are worthy and ready to..

create a life that feels exciting, pleasurable and authentic.

The one you've always dreamt of..

Will you answer the call?​

Woooww I’ve just found  a note from my j

My name is Aneta Bednarczyk and I am a trauma-informed Embodiment Coach.

I am also a recovering-people pleaser and a woman who..

numbed herself from feeling pleasure

felt shame for being naturally sensual

used to be a love addict (anxious attachment style in a relationship dynamic)

felt huge resentment towards men, because of emotional pain I didn't know how to deal with.

I often work with high-achievers in realms of their career who struggle in their personal lives.

My background in Trauma-informed Somatic Coaching, Embodied Sacred Sexuality, and personal experience helps my clients to experience more connectedness, release stuck emotions and anxiety from the body, so they can create empowered&fulfilling relationships (all kinds of relationships: romantic, work, family) and most importantly..

truly fall in love with themselves.

I'm here to help you tap into the wisdom of your body, and become the most empowered&sensual version of yourself

My calling is to help EVERY.BODY to:

Fall deeply in love with their mind, body and soul.

Feel liberated and empowered.

Be free from guilt and shame that we've been carrying with us for too long.

Create more capacity for love, healthy pleasures & success

Align with her/his/their pure values and purpose.

Be heard, felt and seen without any judgement or story attached to it. 

Feel worthy of receiving unconditional love and I want EVERY.BODY to vibrate on that frequency to the entire Universe

Honey, are you ready for The Embodied Revolution?





Sensuality is your birthright

Friends on a Mountain


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&awaken your inner compass



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What Clients Have Experienced?

"I had the pleasure to work with Aneta. I do not know where to start to describe how thankful I am. I didn’t have the best childhood and there are some wounds that I wanted to heal. I hadn’t tried somatic coaching before so it was a new ground for me. Aneta is a very loving, caring and grounded person. During the sessions, I felt safe and that I could really open up completely. As I discover the emotions that bubbled up, I felt safe to let it out and felt guided during the time. Afterwards, it never made me feel down as normal therapy session would make me but the opposite, like something, really had released inside of me. I feel freer and that more self-love was growing inside of me. During my weeks, I have made progress and taken actions for myself, like I never had before. It just comes naturally. It’s magic! Aneta is very spot on and gave me advice, that I took to my heart for my personal growth. I’m forever grateful. She is a born healer and has so many gifts that she shares beautifully with the world. I can not recommend Aneta enough!! I really can’t!! Everyone who has the opportunity to work with her will feel blessed. Thank you for your love, guidance and skills. You’re amazing!!"

Sussie Mellstedt, Photographer

"Working with Anetka to reach parts of me that are waiting to be seen and felt has been just magical. Her calm and nurturing presence along with her conscious attitude to hold space has enabled me to deep-dive into my body and communicate with it on a level I haven’t experienced before. I feel safe and secure with her, as she gently guides me along my internal journey to depths that I’ve only experienced through body-oriented coaching. By the end of the session with her, I feel wow-ed by my internal discovery and more and more thankful towards my body and its teachings. Thank you, Anetka, for helping me to see and feel these otherwise forgotten parts of me."

Jaspreet Garg, Body-oriented Coach


When we are disconnected from our bodies, how much can we care for ourselves, others and the planet?



Body-oriented coaching training with The Somatic School

Coaching and Mentoring with Preston Smiles & Zion Kim

Embodied Shadow Work & Sacred Sexuality Training

Organic Intelligence® Trauma Training for Coaches

Embodied Dance Facilitator with Liberation Through Movement

Empowered Relationships for Coaches&Facilitators with Embodiment Unlimited


" "I," you say, and you are proud of that word.  But the greater thing— in which you are unwilling to believe— is your body with its great intelligence; it does not say “I”, but performs it."

Friedrich Nietzsche



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