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Wed, 14 Dec



Unleashed: Masculine in Practice Free Masterclass

Embodiment workshop for men & women

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Unleashed: Masculine in Practice Free Masterclass
Unleashed: Masculine in Practice Free Masterclass

Time & Location

14 Dec 2022, 19:00 GMT – 17 Dec 2022, 21:00 GMT



About the event

If you have never thought about how your relationship with the masculine (men in general, masculine in the world & the masculine within you) past heartbreaks & your relationship with your body are affecting your intimate relationships, now is the time to do some beautiful work in this arena. 

What is the masculine archetype?

Generally speaking, men tend to have more developed masculine traits and women have stronger feminine. Still, we all do embody both qualities of those energies/archetypes inside of our psyche regardless of our gender, and most importantly, we all need them both to feel successful, whole, and happy! 

Whether you are a female or male-bodied person, your job is to find your sweet, healthy balance, however, it looks like for you.

Some examples of the imbalanced masculine:

trust issues

pushing your body beyond its capacity & not listening to your needs 

overworking and overachieving

emasculating men/feeling emasculated

taking on a role of a rescuer/hero in relationships

struggle to take action

driven by fear


often suffering from sexual or emotional trauma

rejecting masculine traits like taking leadership in your life, work or relationship; acting with integrity, being trustworthy and moving intentionally through your life

struggling with commitment 

surpassed anger & grief

lack of boundaries with self & others 

This workshop is for you if...

  • you feel uncomfortable in your body& you criticise yourself often
  • you are tired or burnt out from doing so much
  • you want deeper intimacy
  • you are struggling with slowing down & relaxing
  • you are Mostly in your mind &It's Difficult to stop and think about what is important to You.
  • you want to feel more comfortable receiving touch
  • you feel tightness and aches in your joints and muscles.
  • you are "too much in your mind" overthinking
  • you want to have more confidence to express yourself authentically verbally and physically

And you are so ready to...

  • feel seen, loved, appreciated & empowered
  • embody The freedom and confidence to express yourself authentically
  • commit yourself to keep trying and practising the tools you will be given in your day to day
  • be more connected to your body and emotions
  • better understand yourself
  • unapologetically accept yourself for who you are and how you BE

Our intention for this workshop is to create a safe space for you in which you will feel the freedom to express yourself authentically & connect with your inner man.

You will walk away from the workshop 

  • feeling empowered, sexier & connected to your inner wisdom 
  • having freedom and confidence to express yourself authentically
  • excited  to keep trying and practising in your day-to-day life
  • more connected to your emotions (a better understanding of yourself)
  • with more self-acceptance of who you are and how you BE

What will you need?

2h of undisturbed space


Journal & a pen

Comfortable clothes & blanket or yoga matt (optional)

Meet your hosts

Brian Jenkins, The Truth Alchemist, has dedicated the last four years to understand what it meant to live his truth and be authentic. After pulling back several emotional layers and uncovering what felt like neverending limiting beliefs, he recognized his body was the key to many unanswered questions. Becoming more connected and aware of his body Brian was able to release emotional blocks, spark creativity, deepen intimacy, live more powerfully, and love + accept himself unconditionally. Through his personal experience and education, he guides men and couples to show up authentically and powerfully in their relationships without losing themselves.

IG: @brianchristianjenkins

Aneta Bednarczyk is a Somatic Empowerment Coach & Sensual Embodiment Facilitator. Her mission is to guide men & women through a process of inhabiting their bodies consciously to access the depths of their wisdom, bliss, self-worth & self-love so they can become empowered leaders in their lives. She mostly works with women, but because she is entirely devoted to the feminine in the world, she also works with men. 


We can't wait to journey with you!


  • Free ticket




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