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Sensual Rebirth
program for women who are ready to unleash their feminine erotic power..

For most women, it is not safe to express themselves authentically, feel their emotions or be embodied in their sexuality. So we have learnt how to wear masks, silence our voices, suppress our emotions and numb pleasure in our bodies.

We all have been taught that the most magical relationship we will ever have will be found outside ourselves..


So we forgot what it means to truly belong. Belong to ourselves first. 

We never learned how to claim our authentic desires, love ourselves fully or how to be fully embodied in the organic intelligence of our wisdom body.


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Sensual Rebirth

is more than a coaching program or a course where you get to sit back and receive information.

It is my signature program that was born from my own embodied experience and is based on practical science drawn from somatics, psychology, neurobiology & eastern traditions like Tantra or Taoism.

It is an embodiment journey that will help you anchor in safety & pleasure,  discover the woman that you are without all those masks you are used to wearing and create a life that you are so worthy of having..

This program is a highly transformative living and breathing library that allows access to your own inner library - the wisdom of your body, every high-value woman needs to live a life with an open heart, anchored in safety, pleasure and authenticity.

Who is this program for?​​

This is for a woman who wants and is so ready to..


awaken the WILD WOMAN within

stop settling for less than she deserves in life & relationships

feel more desirable & worthy of love

embody safety & pleasure in her body

reclaim her erotic sovereignty

release trauma, guilt, and shame around her body & sexuality 

learn how to deal with rage 

open her voice & learn how to speak her truth

stop being the nice girl, people pleaser 

stop playing small & embrace the woman she is meant to be 

feel a deep connection with herself & others

activate her confidence & authentic expression

release anxiety, anger or even shame

Awaken her intuition& learn how to listen to the 

wisdom of her body

This programme is not for you if you are ..​


 comfortable living in the victimhood

 looking for a quick fix/ someone to save you

 not ready to commit to your personal growth

 not ready to let go of being the people pleaser

 OK with paying the price of inaction

 & being where you are at today in 1 year from now

You get to choose..




Aneta Bednarczyk

My story

I used to live on functional freeze response for almost my entire life. I often felt shame for being “too sensual”, or “too emotional” so I shut it down.

It was never safe for me to feel.

It was never safe for me to be a woman.


And then I felt shame for feeling shame because I didn’t understand why I was experiencing so much discomfort.. What’s wrong with me? I’d often ask myself not knowing that sexual trauma was secretly affecting me on multiple levels. 


Because I grew up in an abusive environment I learned that it is not safe for me to open my heart and body to trust, love & pleasure.

I was longing for real authentic connections, while I was so disconnected from myself - living with a closed heart, being scared of real intimacy & wearing a mask of the nice girl as my coping mechanism...

So I tried to fill the void I was feeling with work or numbed myself with food...

I’d do anything to just keep myself busy so I didn't have time to stop and process my emotions.
I didn't know how to safely process the pain from my childhood so it manifested as physical pain (in my gut, my cervix& my heart), and depression.

Doesn't matter what I did.
I didn’t feel good enough...

I felt numbness in my yoni & pain in my heart..

I was attracting unavailable men who would want to take advantage of me, and I would always end up being hurt after the relationship ended.

Women who were mirroring my insecurities would express it by not very well-hidden jealousy or even slut shaming & hatred.

I felt so burnt out & so lonely on every level. Emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Then I got into self-development books, meditation, plant medicine, and the conceptual (mind-based) approach to coaching. It was all beautiful but I was still walking on the Earth half-empty and didn’t know how to fill that void...

I realized that thinking, journaling, reading and all the mindset work alone won’t get me where I wanted to be.

I had to embody everything I wanted to be.

I started studying somatics, tantra, polyvagal theory & various embodiment modalities, and really coming back home to my body, peeling off the layers of old traumas, and fears that were not even mine. I began the journey of descending back to my pure feminine essence & who I am at the core of my being.

I learned how to slow down. I no longer feel the need to chase anyone or this next thing on my "success" list to feel valuable. I now truly follow the wisdom my body has to offer.

I fell in love with my newly discovered sensuality but most importantly I began to feel safe in my body to explore more feelings & sensations for the very first time.

I have embodied boundaries & let go of relationships that weren't respectful or nourishing. (that was the hardest part) 

I truly opened my heart to love. I was in a very sweet & passionate relationship last year.
I didn't feel emotionally devastated when it ended. I allowed myself to grieve and move on. That's how I know it wasn't trauma bonding/unhealthy attachment.

I let go of my inner nice girl & awakened the wild woman within. I am kind when I want to be kind, not because I have to "survive" 

I stopped experiencing pain in my pelvis & started experiencing full-body pleasure I didn’t even imagine was available to me before because I’ve finally removed everything that was stopping me from feeling it all.

From feeling all of me..

Client Love


"I had an abortion 11 years ago, and since that time I had fear of pregnancy & therefore trust issues towards men. The fear of becoming pregnant again almost stopped me from enjoying intimacy to the highest potential & I never felt comfortable enough to share my story with my partners so I ended up withdrawing and giving the impression of being a "cold woman".


In my first session with Aneta, as I felt so comfortable with the safe space she was providing, we dived into that secret straight away. It was so painful that I couldn't carry it anymore. I screamed a lot and cried a lot. I felt the fire in my womb. But it felt so good that I set this secret free as if I let an old bird out of the cage.


I was able to see this fear of mine but this time more like a limiting belief that was stopping me from enjoying my feminine power to the fullest and finally I was able to release it with Aneta's guidance. I felt much lighter in the weeks after our session.


(...)  As a result of working together, at the age of 30, I was able to experience full-body pleasure & deep intimate connection for the first time in my life! 

 I recommend 1000% to work with aneta & dive deep."

Anna Hita


"I realised where my need for controlling came from. I’m working on my relationship with my mother and my inner child.

I’m a better mother to my children. I let go of feeling like I have to constantly ‘give’. I learned how to receive too.

I let go of the shame of being a woman on so many levels, such as bleeding or receiving pleasure (..).

I understood that being uncomfortable is not a bad thing as this is a part of working with your shadows. I allow myself to feel uncomfortable because I know deep down that I’m safe.


My favourite practice was the wild woman archetype as it allowed me to surrender, express myself without guilt and even be sensual during the birth of my daughter."

Laura Waszkiewicz

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What is included?

Trauma-informed Embodiment practices

Videos & digital e-books

Somatic meditations

Embodied Dance journeys

that are designed to help you create safety, access the organic intelligence of your body, release stuck emotions, and create space for more bliss & pleasure.


Ask yourself...

What would it cost you to stay where you are?

(money, relationships, personal freedom, women's health issues?) 


How much do you spend on things that offer you temporary pleasures (clothes, beauty treatments, trips, food, plant medicine, time spent on scrolling etc ) but aren't actually adding value in the long run?


Do you want to bring your past wounds into your next or existing relationship?

Do you want you truly happy & turned on by your own being?



If you want to dive even deeper I offer a bespoke 4 months immersion

that includes 12 1:1 sessions & and more individual support


Book 1:1 free discovery call if you are ready to dive deeper.

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