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1:1 Somatic Shadow Work Session

This journey is for you, if:

  • You often feel overwhelmed by your emotional waves 

  • Relationships often trigger withdrawal response to intimacy or make you feel anxious and insecure (you either want to run far away or the absence of your person feels like literally dying)

  • You struggle with handling difficult emotions like anger, sadness, or shame

  • You want to expand your pleasure threshold,  fall in love with yourself & your body again

  • You want to integrate your shadows & explore your highest potential (darkness)

Other symptoms of suppressed shadows: procrastination, frustration, anger, anxiety, self-sabotage, low energy, living in denial, low self-worth, lack of boundaries, people-pleasing behaviour, extreme selfishness, over-controlling, sexual manipulation, intimacy blocks, experiencing shame & projecting shame on others, blockages experiencing pleasure and love.



It is in the dark, moist soil where seeds are being planted. In the darkness, women grow miracles inside their bodies. In the darkness, we GROW. It is in the darkness where transformation happens. Not in the light. Dark doesn't mean anything negative. It also doesn't mean shadow. I refer to the darkness as a place of deepest desires, and potential, as well as fears and shadows, live. It is your ultimate emotional landscape. Your inner darkness is like a garden that needs your loving attention… In this journey, we will look at both, your shadows and authentic desires.

DIVING DEEP into your darkness makes you feel more confident & self-aware of the ways how you can actualize your potential. Diving into the darkness with myself in the first place & my clients is my favourite thing in the world because it is the most empowering & loving thing we can do for ourselves. But don't just believe me. Experience it for yourself <3

Let me tell you a little bit about my shadow first... Shall I?


People are very surprised when I tell them that one of the biggest shadows I had to integrate was the shadow of my feminine and ability to receive or express my sensuality...


Maybe you know this story already if you have been in my space for a while. I used to feel enormously uncomfortable in my skin. I used to reject my feminine nature and so I had to learn how to love this part of me for the very first time at the age of 29. Every time I would notice someone new being attracted to me,  my chest & pelvis would clench and I'd feel tightness in my throat. When I started learning the bachata, a very sensual dance, my mum would say something that made me feel ashamed of my feminine movements. Because this beautiful & sensual part of me was suppressed in the shadow, I didn't feel confident and it was difficult to relax my body in intimacy.  It was really difficult to connect with the body that was full of shame but I didn't know that it was an underlying symptom of a deeper issue... Until I met with my shadows for the very first time.


I have more stories to tell that were written by shame and engraved deeply in my body, but I will save them for later:)


Within every Shadow, there is a gift.


 The gifts I have received from working with my shadows are:


  • COURAGE to overcome the fear of rejection (that was a huge one for me..)

  • more BLISS & PLEASURE in my body (yummy)

  • newly found LOVE for my body & my menstrual cycle

  • It led me on a path of finding my PURPOSE: I've learnt everything I could possibly about feminine embodiment which became a huge part of what I teach and help other women with 

  • EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: I move through triggers faster: I am able to bring myself back to bliss & connection whenever I feel disconnected & overwhelmed by fear..

  • AUTHENTIC CONNECTIONS: more fulfilling relationships with friends, lovers, clients & my family

Working with my shadows was the best investment of my time & resources and it's a path I am truly devoted to.


That's why I'm inviting you to embark upon your own journey through the 1:1 Somatic Shadow Work Session


In this unique session, we will explore the depths of your being, unravelling the shadows that have held you back from unlocking your highest potential for pleasure, & deeper connection. to yourself and your loved ones.

In this session, you will be invited to...


🖤  Embrace Your Shadows 

Shadow work is an invitation to dive deep into the unexplored realms of your psyche, where the hidden aspects of yourself reside. In this session, we will create a safe and nurturing space to embrace and explore these shadows, allowing for healing, integration, and personal growth. By shining a light on the shadows, you can reclaim your power and unlock the path to your authentic self.


🖤  Harness the Power of Somatic Awareness 

Somatic awareness is the key to unlocking the wisdom held within your body. Through somatic practices, we will tap into the language of sensations, emotions, and bodily experiences to uncover the underlying patterns and beliefs that have shaped your life.

By deepening your somatic awareness, you will gain insights, release energetic blockages, and cultivate a profound sense of self-understanding.


🖤  Transformative Healing and Integration 

Shadow work is a powerful catalyst for healing and integration. In this session, we will utilize somatic techniques to guide you through the process of releasing and transforming the wounds and traumas that reside within your shadow. By embracing these aspects with compassion and curiosity, you will experience a profound shift in your relationship with yourself and the world around you.


🖤  Reclaim Your Power and Wholeness 

As you journey through the shadows, you will reclaim the fragmented parts of yourself and integrate them into wholeness. By embracing and integrating your shadow aspects, you will unlock newfound strengths, gifts, and potentials that have been dormant within you. You will step into a more authentic, empowered version of yourself, aligned with your true purpose and potential.


🖤  Personal Guidance and Support 

In this one-on-one somatic shadow work session, you will receive personalized guidance and support tailored to your unique journey. I will be your compassionate guide, holding space for your exploration, providing insights, and supporting you as you navigate the depths of your shadows. Together, we will create a container for deep healing, transformation, and empowerment.

What is included?


  • 90 min of 1:1 somatic coaching session

  • Trauma-informed tools for nervous-system regulation & practices for Embodied Emotional Liberation you can use anytime which when practised over time, will help you feel anchored in the felt sense of safety in your body - a precious skill for life!

  • 1 week of coaching through a private app

You will walk away from the session with released emotional baggage from your soma, clarity about the root cause of your triggers, and practical tool to use in the future.


Are you ready to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, healing, and integration? Step into the transformative power of somatic shadow work and unleash the potential that resides within you. Book your session now and embrace the path to your authentic self.

"(...) The constant panic in my body was gone. And for me thanks to your reminder about the journey from maiden to mother is exactly what last night was for me, letting go and allowing myself to cross that threshold. When I went to sleep after, my bed never felt so comfortable and even the coolness of my pillow felt so intense it was almost scary. There was so much space in me for sensation to just feel and be without the tension, without the panic.


I’ve done plenty of workshops, classes, intense breathing for an hour, morning movement meditations and dance, hour-long meditations etc… but never have I let go like that, never have I felt like that afterwards (...)."

Jessica Weiss

Limited spaces only

Note: Somatic shadow work sessions are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a life-changing journey. Reserve your session today and step into the light of self-discovery and empowerment.


It’s not the DARKNESS we are afraid of

but the fear of feeling overwhelming sensations in our bodies (and yes, it includes anger as well as bliss, pleasure & love)


because in the darkness was the first time when we felt the beauty of unconditional love through sensations in our bodies when we were in our mother's wombs…

we are scared to open up our hearts and feel our emotions because we are scared that we will be separated from the source of love, again. This abrupt separation is often a cause of forgotten trauma that many of us are not aware of carrying.

But the body's implicit memory always remembers what the mind wants to forget.

Emotions are bodily felt sensations that help us navigate life’s quest to seek pleasure & safety and avoid danger.

When we are in our mother's womb our entire experience is about interoception - feeling sensations in the body.

We have access to an unlimited source of love and nourishment.

We feel safe and cared for.

DEEP, infinite DARKNESS - it’s all that surrounds us.

That’s all that we know.

Sounds yummy, right?


But then this heaven on earth is being disturbed by energetic waves that labour brings.

Someone we don’t know takes us out of this happy place, we can’t feel our mother's love, we can’t hear her voice or feel her body. It’s loud and cold out there. there is too much light everywhere.

Our little bodies feel over-stimulated. It’s INTENSE.

Then we cry because we want to come back to this safe place but no one understands us. We sleep alone in a cradle & no matter how cute it is, it doesn't provide the safety we long for.

Luckily, it’s all changing now with more women reclaiming birth on their terms which includes more connection to their babies throughout the whole process & more mothers are aware of their infants’ emotional needs but it wasn’t the case for most of us.

When our emotional needs aren’t met we learn that we don’t matter and that feeling love or any other emotions is painful. And again, you might not think that, but your body remembers the felt sense of EMOTIONAL ABANDONMENT.

So you shut this part of yourself down but you never stop wanting to come back to that safe and yummy feeling. You want it so badly, but you cannot allow yourself to have it.

I believe that this felt sense of heaven on earth (safety) in our bodies is something we truly long for but we just don’t know how to get there. This feeling of wanting to come back home keeps knocking on the door...

When we don't know how to regulate our emotions, and we are not able to return to safety, we are more inclined to sabotage our relationships, avoid intimacy, addictions (scrolling, overeating, drinking, and abusing other substances), indulge in meaningless connections, people-pleasing behaviour, overworking or even overdoing plant medicine ceremonies.

We are abandoning ourselves. It's difficult to relax, open your emotional body & feel


We keep looking for something we thought we had lost. We feel the void inside of us so we try to fill it with all the things that will make us feel better for a second but are damaging in the long run.

When working with clients 1:1 I am noticing that it is not easy for many to turn their focus on the interoception (feeling the body) which is crucial if we want to break those patterns and it is my job to guide you softly & gently to access the blissful sensations of your heaven on earth.

We go straight to the roots of the problem. It changes everything.

If you’re reading this and feel like something is missing, you can’t handle emotions well, and every breakup or emotional withdrawal of your partner leaves you devastated I want you to know that you’re not alone..Most of us are feeling disconnected from home without even knowing that..

And now, I want you to imagine how your life would look like if you could find this heaven on earth inside your body.

The safe anchor that will keep you at bay no matter what happens externally.

It’s something that you can absolutely touch through the body. These loving, blissful sensations in your body are there waiting for you to allow yourself to feel them.

If this is what you’re longing for & you’re ready to find your own heaven on earth, you are invited to embark on your Dark Journey.

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