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Sensual Rebirth

Let go of the Good Girl &become Wildly Sensual Woman

If you're tired of feeling shame about your sensuality every time you try to connect with your partner, and you're ready to experience more pleasure in your body, your relationships and your business... 


Then it's time to reclaim your sensuality!

Why is it that even though you take good care of your body, and do the mindset work, you don't feel confident and sensual?

After years of practising as a somatic coach and facilitating transformations in the areas of sensual embodiment, emotional healing & relationships, I've quickly noticed that MOST WOMEN look for pleasure in the wrong places and as a result allow others to OWN this sacred power, leaving them feeling ashamed, disconnected and not enough.

Let me explain. 

This is one of the most important (and fundamental) things you will ever learn in your life as a woman, mother and feminine leader & if you don't get it right now, it could cost you your relationships, thousands of dollars, physical & mental health...


Where most women try to "fix" themselves by going to another therapist, improving their appearance, getting into wrong relationships or learning another quick self-pleasure technique - what they're missing is the CRUCIAL step that comes before anything else:


(even a vibrator, trust me.. ;) )

We are being sold on pleasure everywhere we go…

Just think, how often have you reached for food, binge-watched Netflix, compulsively booked trips or indulged in relationships that didn't make you happy because you felt lonely?

That's why in a world that wants you to feel disconnected from yourself, reclaiming your pleasure is the biggest act of activism & radical self-love. Without learning how to regulate your nervous system & expand your capacity for authentic pleasure, you will never experience the depths of pleasure you so long for.


To become a wildly sensual woman (uh, that’s hot!),  you need to become truly intimate with yourself, your body & your emotions.

But here is the problem:

You think you are too busy (and you probably are!) with work and home life, so you operate mainly in masculine energy to meet life's demands... There is not much energy left for you & connection to your femminine essence. 

You are too much in your head, intellectualising & overthinking everything.

You feel you don't have time for pleasure. 

The very word "pleasure" makes you uncomfortable

You wear too many masks (Good Mother. Perfectionist, Nice Woman, etc.) & you've forgotten your authentic essence

You don't even know how to talk to your partner & children about taking more time for yourself.

You focus on pleasing others more than on your own needs & desires.

"Desires? I don't even know what they are".

Say Goodbyeto feeling disconnectedfrom your pleasure& lack of confidence

Disconnection from your body creates numbness to pleasure & your own needs, leaving you frustrated, leading to unfulfilling intimacy and feelings of loneliness, whether you are single or in a partnership. 

You're constantly trying to prove you're a good mother, lover, partner or businesswoman, pushing yourself beyond your limits and wondering why no one appreciates you the way you want to be appreciated


Then you feel less valued... less beautiful... less desired which creates even more self-doubt. You look in the mirror and you don't like what you see.


Long periods of not prioritising your pleasure take away your libido & vitality. You don't enjoy spending time with your loved ones or working on your projects as much as you'd like. It quickly spirals into a void of meaning. You feel that something really important is missing...

What will happen to your relationships if you remain disconnected from your pleasure?

A deep intimate & sensual relationship with yourself changes your relationship with your loved ones & your business. 

Disconnection from your sensuality creates frustration and emotional pain and costs a lot of money when you spend on things that give you temporary pleasure (clothes, beauty treatments, travel, food, plant medicine, time spent scrolling etc.) but don't bring you ecstatic joy you're so worthy of having.


Being disconnected from your sensuality creates a lack of confidence & self-worth and will continue to sabotage your relationships because you don't feel worthy enough to receive that much pleasure. Owning your sensuality gives you more body confidence & enhances your intimate life. It gives you a sense of power when you look at yourself in the mirror without judgement.

Being disconnected from your sensuality makes you want to hide your voice, your talents & your feminine essence... Becoming a wildly sensual woman makes you magnetic and empowered even when someone is watching you in your full expression.

Disowning your sensuality makes your boundaries weak.  Taking back your sensual power makes you better at communicating your needs, desires & boundaries.

Women in Bodysuit


They birth true changes the world needs right now. 


Revolutionary Feminine Leaders are an antidote to the world that craves more authentic intimacy.


Sensual Rebirth

A 1:1 Trauma-Informed Coaching with a self-paced embodiment program where I help you embody your sensuality & become more confident in your body so you can have all the pleasure you deserve!!

How Embodied Revolution Empowers Women:Real Stories.


Anahita, Iran

After an abortion 11 years ago, I struggled with fear of pregnancy and trust issues with men, which led to blocked energy and a sense of heaviness in my intimate life. This emotional burden prevented me from fully enjoying intimacy and led to a decade of withdrawal and a perceived coldness in my relationships. In my first session with Aneta I found a safe space to address these issues and release them like an old bird from a cage. Aneta helped me to see my fears as limiting beliefs, allowing me to fully embrace intimacy. Weeks later, feeling much lighter, I entered a new relationship and comfortably discussed my past, leading to a transformative experience of full-body pleasure at 30. I highly recommend working with Aneta for deep healing and personal growth!!

Laura, Poland/UK

I’m a better mother to my children. I let go of feeling like I have to constantly ‘give’. I learned how to receive too.I let go of the shame of being a woman on so many levels, such as bleeding or receiving pleasure (..).​

I understood that being uncomfortable is not a bad thing as this is a part of working with your shadows. I allow myself to feel uncomfortable because I know deep down that I’m safe.

My favourite practice was the wild woman archetype as it allowed me to surrender, express myself without guilt and even be sensual during the birth of my daughter."


Jaspreet, UK

Working with Anetka to reach parts of me that are waiting to be seen and felt has been just magical. Her calm and nurturing presence along with her conscious attitude to hold space has enabled me to deep-dive into my body and communicate with it on a level I haven’t experienced before. I feel safe and secure with her, as she gently guides me along my internal journey to depths that I’ve only experienced through body-oriented (somatic) coaching. By the end of the session with her, I feel wow-ed by my internal discovery and more and more thankful towards my body and its teachings. Thank you, Anetka, for helping me to see and feel these otherwise forgotten parts of me.

Here is what you'll get

  • 12 x 1:1 Bespoke Somatic Coaching sessions with me 

  • Embodiment practices

  • Somatic meditations

  • Ebooks & Videos 

Here's what you'll learn inside each module:

Module I Felt Sense of Safety: It builds foundations for the entire program and sets you up for our work together so you can make the most of it.

You will learn how to recalibrate the nervous system and anchor your body in safety which will allow you to do deeper, emotional work leaving you feeling juicy and nourished.  At the end of this module you will learn how to create a felt sense of safety in your body & you discover feminine archetypes rooted in the survival mechanisms of the nervous system.

Module II Sensual Emotional Alchemy: You’ll learn how to alchemise any emotion using the power of your eros. 


Module II & III Somatic Shadow Work: in this module you will fall in love with parts of yourself that you have been pushing into the shadows 


Module IV Wounded Feminine: how to Heal the abandonment wound 


Module V Wildly Sensual: this module is about self-love & unleashing your wild sensual feminine nurture. 


Module VI Dark Masculine: this module is designed to help you heal wounds with masculine figures from your life, as well as your inner masculine, and in doing so, create an intimate relationship with him and the men in your life. 


Module VII Erotic Sovereignty: this module is all about connection to your heart, your womb, your yoni & your pleasure.

Meet Your Coach

It's a pleasure to meet you!

I’m Aneta, your coach.

I have done a lot of work on myself to reignite my sensuality & unfreeze my body. I'm not perfect, but I have gone from being numb, self-critical & controlling to feeling alive, blissful and in love. 

Throughout my years as a somatic coach, I've noticed that most women try to intellectualise their way to more pleasure & most coaching programmes don't teach trauma-informed tools for nervous system regulation and more pleasure.

I created Sensual Rebirth to help women tap into the wisdom of their own bodies and become more confident leaders. I believe that a woman with a nervous system open to pleasure is the most powerful woman in the world. Will you be one of them?

Sensual Rebirth is not just a coaching programme where you sit back and receive information.

It is my signature programme, born from my own embodied experience and based on practical science drawn from Somatics, Psychology, Neurobiology & Eastern traditions such as Tantra or Taoism.
It is an embodiment journey that will help you to anchor in safety & joy, discover the woman you are without all the masks you are used to wearing and create a life you are so worthy of having.

This programme is a highly transformative living and breathing library that gives you access to your own inner library - the wisdom of your body that every high quality woman needs to feel confident & truly embrace her sensuality at every stage of her life... as a mother, as a lover or as a female leader in business! Mhmm, yes and more please.

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