Come into alignment with your mind, body and soul.

Your mind should not create confusion, anxiety, despair, distress and it is not meant to keep you living in fear all the time.

Your body is not just a taxi for your brain. In fact, all your organs communicate with each other all the time and they always have something to communicate with you too. 

Your soul is not supposed to just drift through life without a purpose.

If you find yourself stuck most of the time, but you don't know why.

If you know that there is

more to live,

more to feel,

more to BE,

and more to achieve...

...It is time to learn how to listen to your inner compass.

It is time to feel home in your body. 

Through Somatic (Body-oriented/Embodiment) Coaching there is potential to experience more than is already known by accessing the wisdom of the body and breaking through old stories, frozen beliefs and stuck patterns of behaviour.

This approach is integrative, experiential and non-directive. Through attending to present moment experience, it enables the whole spectrum of the bodymind to become available, creating room for creative and spontaneous ways of working that are rooted in experience, deeply felt, engaging and transformative.

Body-oriented Coaching is a set of principles and tools drawn from established schools of body-centred therapy and somatic practice including Hakomi, Focusing and Gestalt, as well as Mindfulness and the ethos of Eastern contemplative traditions.

As well as drawing on these fields, Body-oriented Coaching incorporates the latest findings from Neuroscience, Embodied Cognition, Interpersonal Neurobiology and Polyvagal Theory. Our evolving understanding of each of these domains moves us away from the traditional focus of modern psychology on the reflective mind and points us towards the human being as an integrated system - a complex, intelligent whole.

Body-oriented Coaching; Key Principles, Target Outcomes and Practice Guidelines, S.Taylor